Reviewer Guidelines

Review policy

Journal of Innovative Agriculture (JINAGRI) aims to cover all major agricultural and allied sciences domains and improve international academic exchange and cooperation. It highlights to bring out research article that seeks to uncover the science underlying agricultural innovations. This journal strives to publish the latest high-quality research from a diverse array of topics from the scientific community.

Editorial Process for Manuscripts

Initial Screening

The managing editor of the journal carries out the initial screening. The initial screening will be carried out to check and confirm the following.

(i). Format of the article as per the journal’s requirement
(ii). Qualities of the article (plagiarism freeness, ethics of the publications and suitability for publication) to approve for the review process.

If needed, the managing editor will return the manuscript to the corresponding author for modifications to consider the manuscript for review.

If the manuscript does not fulfill the above qualities, the managing editor rejects the manuscript (after getting concern from the chief editor).

The managing editor will assign a suitable Academic Editor with subject specialization for the qualified manuscript.

Peer review process

The academic editor will check the manuscript for research, data quality, and originality before assigning the reviewers.

Double-blind review will be conducted. The identity of the authors and reviewers will not be known to each other.
Reviews are being conducted confidentially. The independent reviewers will be assigned from the reviewer team of our journal, reviewers collected from academic manuscripts, and the list of reviewers suggested by the author. The reviewers should not have a connection with the authors by any means (the same institute, collaborated publications, etc.,).

The reviewers will review the manuscripts at our online article submission portal (PKP OJS-based). Login credentials will be provided for the reviewers who accepted the review invitation.

The academic editor collects at least two review reports from the review process. After analysis of the reviewer's comments, the academic editor will send the following to the corresponding author.

Requires Minor Corrections
Requires Major Revision
Rejection of the Manuscript (with reasons)

In case of manuscript revision requirements, the manuscript will be sent to the corresponding author by the academic editor, along with reviewers' comments and required revisions asked by reviewers. The academic editor will decide on further review, if needed, for the manuscripts based on the recommendation given by the reviewers.

Then, the academic editor will decide the manuscript's status based on the author’s replies and reviewers’ recommendations during the revisions.

Note for the reviewer: Please visit this link for the workflow: